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microHAM Advanced Rotor Controller - ARCO

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Top Features

  • 7" touch screen (colour)
  • Setup and Operation without computer
  • Remote operation also requires no PC
  • Suitable for any rotor type
  • Adjustable smooth motor control
  • 200 or 400 Watt version

Technical description

ARCO from microHAM is a universal control unit for almost all types of antenna rotors. It is operated via buttons on the front panel as well as via the 7" colour touch display.

ARCO works independently of a computer, but offers a wide range of communication options if required. A USB-B and a traditional serial interface (RS-232) are available, but also a network connection (Ethernet, 100-BaseTX) is available to enable integration into the existing station. The USB-A port is usable for connecting a keyboard and also for importing local firmware updates.

The 4-channel PWM motor controller is designed to be very flexible in order to be able to control all kinds of rotors. Both DC motors up to 48 V and AC motors up to 24 V are possible. Each motor driver is protected against short-circuit and overload, and the current drawn is constantly monitored. MODBUS control is available for high-voltage systems. Likewise, the sensor input is designed for all possible variants of position signals, even if these signals are available as absolute or relative information. The input handles pulse signals and analogue voltages, as well as differential signals for quadrature encoders. If the sensor supports it, accuracies of 0.1° are possible.

The ARCO controller is available in two versions:

  • Rotor power pack with 200 W for standard rotors
  • Rotor power supply with 400W for larger rotors

The configuration is done completely via the touch panel, it is not necessary to open the housing. Many different rotor types can be selected, and the display and controller can be configured in detail. The ARCO controller has a built-in power supply unit (115/230V AC) that is switched off when not in use to avoid HF interference.

A list of supported rotors can be found in the English-language manual (see Downloads).

The current version of the ARCO firmware can be obtained HERE. 

Application description

The rotor controller "ARCO" was created to replace all other rotor control units. Configuration and operation is done via the 7" large and very easy to read LC display (touch display). The user's own location can be programmed and the display then shows a beam map (great circle map) centred on the location. Four different radii of the map can be set, which makes the ARCO controller very useful for VHF enthusiasts.

Due to the very extensive support of almost all rotor manufacturers, the ARCO Controller can be easily adapted to existing installations. Yaesu rotors can be connected directly via the typical 6-pin connector (after the setup has been made) without having to modify the cable, for all other rotors a 10-pin connector strip is available, a suitable plug is included.  Several controllers can also be connected together to control even the most complex antenna systems. Stacks of directional antennas can be controlled, as well as separate antennas on rotatable towers (counter-rotation).

Even if the ARCO Rotor control unit manages completely autonomously without a computer, the available communication options are another strong point. There is a classic serial interface in addition to the modern USB connection, and of course an Ethernet connection is available. This means that remote control is also possible via the Internet, if desired. Speaking of remote control - the ARCO automatically parks the antenna at the end of operation and disconnects all external lines as far as possible. This minimises the risks of static discharge and local thunderstorms.

A suitable mains cable must be provided for operation (IEC plug). Firmware upgrades are available from the manufacturer microHAM free of charge for life.

Technical Data
Product Name microHAM Advanced Rotor Controller - ARCO
Brand microHAM
Size W x H x D 265 x 125 x 150 mm

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