Foxoring Transmitter 2m Identification "E"

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Supply Scope

  • RED-FOX Direction Finder
  • CR2032 button cell

The RED-FOX Foxoring transmitters are very small and light transmitters for ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding). They correspond partially to the official rules for ARDF competitions (Foxoring) and make it very easy to start practicing for a competition. The transmitters are equipped with two wires as a dipole antenna. This results in a range of up to 500m for the 2m transmitter, depending on the terrain. The transmitting power is less than 0.1 mW. The power supply is provided by a CR2032 button cell included in the scope of delivery, such a cell is sufficient for 30-40 hours of operation. An on/off switch is installed, a red LED flashes when the transmitter is switched on.

The transmitters are only offered as open circuit boards as displayed, without housing. They are not weatherproof.

The ARDF transmitters for 144 MHz are available in five variants, programmed with the signals MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH and MO5. If you are able to program an AVR controller, you can change it, the firmware is freely available. The signals are transmitted continuously, without pause. The transmission frequency is 144.002 MHz.

Technical Data
Product Name ARDF-144-1E
Brand RigExpert

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