Elad ASA-16 Antenna Distributor 1 Antenna, 5 Receiver, PL, PTT

Elad ASA-16 Antenna Distributor 1 Antenna, 5 Receiver, PL, PTT

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The antenna signal distributor ASA-16 makes one antenna shareable by up to 6 independent receivers. The ASA-16 by ELAD divides the input signal to 6 outputs for individual receivers. The outputs are decoupled so they do not influence each other by mismatches, but there is no amplification. A switchable attenuator reduces the input signal by 15 dB. A special feature is the PTT input. When engaged the all receivers are isolated by more than 60 dB (@ 12 MHz) from the input. This reliably protects even the most sensitive inputs. The integration into the ham radio station is very easy due to the same switching polarity of most transceivers, when keyed the PTT output switches to ground.

All HF connectors on the ASA-16 are BNC female sockets, all inputs and outputs are designed for an impedance of 50 Ω Three LEDs on the front show the current state: On/Off, Attenuator and PTT state. The ASA-16 requires a 12V/300mA power supply. The PTT connector is a 3.5mm phone plug socket. The enclosure is made from brushed aluminium with solid rubber padding, size 200 × 50 × 200 mm (W×H×D), the weight is approx. 800 g.

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