Air!Squitter ADS-B Rx with FLARM Bundle 10m

Air!Squitter ADS-B Rx with FLARM Bundle 10m

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Top Features
  • Complete system with all cables
  • ADS-B & GPS antenna
  • FLARM option built-in
  • FLARM antenna
  • MLAT support
  • Data feeder for many websites
  • Local, private web server
  • WLAN + Ethernet
Supply Scope
  • Airsquitter receiver
  • ADS-B/GPS Antenna
  • FLARM antenna
  • 2 antenna cables 10m each
  • Network cable 5m
  • Power supply
  • Mounting material

Technical description Air!Squitter FLARM Kit 10m

Exceptional receiver for aircraft data: ADS-B, MLAT and FLARM in one unit, including antennas and cables.
The Airsquitter FLARM Bundle includes the well-known Jetvision receiver for aircraft ADS-B data. The combined ADS-B/GPS antenna is connected via only one cable. The option for FLARM is built in, also for this a separate antenna is supplied.

The OLED display shows the most important operating parameters. The position data of the received aircraft can be viewed via the built-in web page. Furthermore, the Airsquitter receiver is automatically integrated into the worldwide Jetvision Flight Tracking Network, without any further setup. This gives you privileged access to many websites such as Flightradar24, FlightAware, PlaneSpotter, etc. that display worldwide flight data. For more information about ADS-B click here.

Application description Air!Squitter FLARM Kit 10m

The Airsquitter receiver is perfect for plane spotters and all interested aviation fans, but also for small airfield operation. The ADS-B receiver displays local air traffic in real time on a web page. Through the automatic integration into the MLAT system, the Airsquitter becomes part of a worldwide community, which also enables the position information of flight displays that are only equipped with Mode-S passive radar, but without ADS-B. The built-in FLARM receiver is designed for the FLARM system developed in Switzerland for light aircraft and other aircraft not requiring equipment. This means that these are also displayed on the map in real time.
The Airsquitter can be used by many users at the same time via the local network; with suitable settings, access is also possible from the road. As a data supplier for the well-known websites such as Flightradar24, FlightAware, etc., you get privileged access to these sites.

Technical Data
Voltage [V] 5
Current Intake (A) 1
Display OLED
Power suppl included or built in yes
Product Name Air!Squitter FLARM Kit 10m
Connector A SMA Socket
Connector B SMA Socket
Documentation Languages DE

The German company Jetvison has been known as a developer of powerful ADS-B receivers for many years. Initially emerging from a hobby project, Fiorma has established itself in recent years as a specialist for ADS-B,. Modes-S, FLARM and MLAT.
The receiver offered here comes complete with the FLARM option and two antennas and 2x 10m cable. The installation material for the antennas is included, if necessary an extension arm for mounting on a mast is also available.


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