Palstar AT-500 Manual antenna tuner, 600W

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Available from 07.05.2024


Top Features

  • 160 - 6 m
  • max. 600 W
  • 20 - 1500 Ohm
  • Switch 2 antennas
  • Bypass function

Supply Scope

  • Tuner
  • DC Cable
  • Manual EN
Finally a Palstar tuner with the traditional high quality and feature set has become available for low power as well. The compact tuner Palstar AT-500 can handle max. 600 W transmit power.

The manually tuned Palstar AT-500 is suitable for all bands from 160m to 6m. It uses a differential capacitor and a precision roller inductor for tuning. The tuning is very easy to handle because only two controls (C,L) have to be tuned. The roller inductor can be used up to 6m, for 160m operation an additional inductivity is switched.

The Palstar AT-500 tuner has an easy to read cross needle instrument (back lit) which also offers a peak hold function. The measurement range can be switched from 300 to max. 1000W. A 6-position antenna switch is used to commute between 2 coaxial cables direct or via the tuner, a balanced line or bypass. The AT-500 does not include a balun.

- Frequencies: HF band
- Working power 600W PEP on SSB, 500W on CW
- Impedance setting range: 20 to 1500 Ohms
- Quick and easy tuning with only 2 controls
- 6-position switch for multiple antennas
- Cross-needle, peak-to-peak meter with illuminated backlight for night use
- Power measurement range: 0-300W or 0-1000W
- 0.22 mm (22 micron) thick gold-plated front panel and top cover
- Approximate dimensions: W 26.35 cm x H 15.93 cm x D 32.70 cm - Including buttons and connectors
Technical Data
Product Name AT-500
Tuner type Manual tuning
Brand Palstar
Weight 3.6 kg
Palstar AT-500 Manual antenna tuner, 600W
Palstar AT-500 Manual antenna tuner, 600W

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €715.97

Available from 07.05.2024

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