Palstar AT-5K Manual antenna tuner asym. (sym. w. opt. Balun) 1,8-54MHz, max 4000W

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  • Tuner
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  • Manual EN
When you really want to get a lot of power to the antenna, then the Palstar AT-4K is the right tuner. This is the tuner Palstar has become well-known for and it has ever since been continuously improved. The tuner has a max. power rating of 3000 W PEP (2500 W CW) (real loads). The high-quality components are designed for long durability, as both variable capacitors are specified for 6kV, the roller inductor and switch up to max. 10A HF power. The use of three controls in t-matching (2x variable capacitors, 1x roller inductor) makes very precise and fine tuning possible.

Additionally the Palstar AT-4K has a switchable 1:1 balun at the input of the tuner. This way end-fed wire or open wire antennas can be tuned directly. The balun is switched on by a front panel relay. As with all large tuners from Palstar, the AT-4K has a large cross-needle display with backlighting. Switching meter range from 300 to 3000 W provides instant overview of forward and reverse power as well as the resulting SWR. The meter has a 'Peak and Hold' function to read peak values more accurate and easier. Power supply requires 12V, max. 200mA.

Palstar AT-5K

The even larger AT-5K is built very similar to it's smaller brother AT-4K: a manual tuner with a T network design, with switchable balun for symmetric feeds. The max. power of the AT-5K is 3500 W CW (approx. 4000 W PEP). Due to the large capacitors the impedance range on the 10m band is limited. Operation on 10m is possible, but only with better adapted antennas.

Only the coax cable is needed to connect radio and tuner! No other connections necessary.
Technical Data
Product Name AT-5K
Current Intake (A) 0.2
Supply Voltage [V] 13.8 V
Tuner type Manual tuning
Brand Palstar
Weight 13 kg
Size W x H x D 413 mm x 210 mm x 502mm

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