HF Counterpoise kit ATAS-100/ATAS-120

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Supply Scope

  • Mounting ring aluminum
  • 8 radials
  • Screws

The well-known ATAS-100 and ATAS-120 antennas from YAESU were developed as vehicle antennas, but because of their compactness they are often used as portable or stationary antennas. Unfortunately, there is then often no sufficient counterweight, and the balcony railing or the magnetic base are unfortunately not sufficient.

The counterweight consists of a solid aluminium ring that is attached directly to the ATAS with clamping screws and can remain on the ATAS during alternating mobile or stationary use. Eight radial rods are screwed into the ring. With a diameter of 4 m, they are not perfect, but nevertheless form a useful counterweight. If you have enough space, you can also connect one or more wire radials for the 40m band.

The radial kit is also useful for mobile use if the antenna is not mounted on a fixed base but on a magnetic base, which often does not have enough capacitive coupling to the vehicle body.

Ideal for heavy antennas are the feet 11115.01 and 20029.

Technical Data
Product Name ATAS-GG
Brand WiMo

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