AMERITRON ATR-30 Manual antenna tuner unsymm./symm. 1,8-54MHz, 3000W

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Available from 15.03.2024

This tuner with roller inductor of AMERITRON is designed for outputs up to 3kW in the entire shortwave range from 1.8 to 30MHz.

2 capacity with 500 pF provide a very large tuning range. AMERITRON himself says that these capacities are the largest in commercially manufactured tuners. A translation of 6:1 allow a very sensitive and accurate tuning.

The roller inductor is thick, silver-plated copper ribbon. This creates a large surface area, which is also resistant to high currents. The built-in counter and the large crank helps you to find the right settings quickly.

A built-in balun with 3 stacked cores allows to connect a ladder line or a simple wire directly to the tuner. Also there is a watt meter with PEP display on board. SWR and output power are displayed during transmission on the illuminated cross-needle instrument.
Technical Data
Product Name ATR-30
Tuner type Manual tuning
Brand Ameritron

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