Christoph Bothe

WiMo Head of Technical Support, DL4EX, WiMo-Author since 01. January 2023

Christoph Bothe, DL4EX, joined the WiMo team as Head of Technical Support in September 2023. With an amateur radio license since 1984, he brings many years of experience to the company. Christoph is not only at home in the world of radio technology, but is also a passionate radio amateur himself. His favorite modes of operation are telegraphy and FT8, and he appreciates amateur radio for its diversity. Christoph loves making new discoveries in the various areas of this fascinating hobby. He has long been involved in the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with like-minded people. At home, Christoph uses a T2FD antenna and maintains a growing collection of paddle Morse keys. His passion for amateur radio is not only reflected in his professional position at WiMo, but also in his ongoing commitment and equipment.

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