Rodrigo "Rod" Herrera

WiMo Antennen-Experte, EA7JX, WiMo-Author since 01. January 2018

Rodrigo 'Rod' Herrera, EA7JX, is an experienced technical antenna developer at WiMo and has an impressive career as a Spanish amateur radio operator since 1994. Together with his wife, he founded the renowned antenna brand EAntenna and the successful online store, which were acquired by WiMo in 2018.

With over a decade of experience as a recognized salesman and antenna manufacturer, Rod has become an expert in the field of antennas. His passion for amateur radio is evident not only in his former entrepreneurial endeavors, but also through his active participation in competitions. Rod enjoys exploring the markets to stay informed about the most innovative and up-to-date products. Customers can rely on his expertise and dedication to find the best products for their amateur radio needs.

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