Salvatore Salanitro

WiMo technischer Berater, DH7SA, WiMo-Author since 01. January 2019

Salvatore 'Salvo' Salanitro, our technical advisor with the callsign DH7SA, has been enriching our team with his extensive experience since 2019. With an impressive 40 years as a radio amateur, he not only brings a deep passion for radio technology, but also in-depth knowledge. Salvo specializes in various modes of operation in the HF range, including SSB radio, CW radio and RTTY radio.

Even as a child, Salvo was fascinated by radios and tinkered with them as a hobby. This enthusiasm eventually developed into his profession as a radio technician. His heart beats especially for pile-up radio, and he has participated in numerous DX expeditions to further hone his skills.

As a fan of Yaesu products, Salvo appreciates the tradition, but when it comes to modern technology, he prefers FlexRadio devices. His broad know-how and enthusiasm for the world of amateur radio make Salvatore Salanitro a valuable member of the WiMo team.

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