BC-202IP3L Desktop charger for BP-271/272, BP-307

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Supply Scope

  • BC-202IP3L charging cradle
  • Brief instructions EN

Charging cradle for Icom units ID-51E and ID-52E, and batteries BP-271, BP-272, BP-307. Requires a power supply for operation, such as the power supply BC-123SE or BC-228, or a charging cable for 12V voltage such as CP-12L or CP-25H.

The side panel of the charging cradle can be removed so that up to six BC-202IP3L can be lined up. This way, charging stations for a larger number of devices can be set up. The power supply unit BC-123SE can operate up to 3 charging cradles, for 4 to 6 charging cradles the power supply unit BC-228 is required.

Technical Data
Product Name BC-202IP3L
Color Black
Brand Icom
Suitable for ID-31E, ID-51E, ID-51EPLUS2, ID-52E, BP-271, BP-272, BP-307
Documentation Languages EN, JP

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