DSP modul noise reduction, with amplifier

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Top Features

  • DSP Audio Filter
  • Adjustable filter effect
  • Less listening fatigue
  • Better intelligibility
  • With 7 Watt amplifier
  • For speakers 4 to 8 ohms

Supply Scope

  • NEDSP-1962-KBD Module
  • Installation instructions

The NEDSP-1962-KBD DSP noise reduction module with amplifier can be retrofitted into extension speakers or older radios.  It incorporates unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that can detect speech in a noisy signal and provide noise reduction of up to 40 dB and audio suppression of up to 65 dB.  

The module is supplied pre-wired and with a power amplifier so that it can be easily integrated into existing installations.  All functions of the module are controlled via the pre-wired circuit board with the push-button.   The NEDSP-1962-KBD uses a high-performance, programmable DSP audio processing chip with DSP noise reduction technology. This high-performance chip delivers exceptional sound quality and contains a complete audio signal chain with 16-bit A/D converters and digital interfaces using a fully flexible digital processing architecture.  The audio amplifier stage is provided by a 7W chip (mono, Class-D amplifier) from Texas Instruments, which has an efficiency of 94%. This means that no heat sink is required.

Operating voltage 10-16 V
Current consumption 7 mA (idle) to typ. 80 mA, max. 400 mA
Power 5 to max. 7 watts
Output impedance 4 to 8 Ohm

Technical Data
Product Name NEDSP-1962-KBD
Brand bhi

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