Vero BHM-78 Bluetooth control unit

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Top Features

  • Remote control via Bluetooth
  • Suitable for Vero radios
  • Incl. GPS
  • Colour display

Supply Scope

  • BHM-78
  • BP-30 LiIon battery 3.7 V, 3000 mAh
  • Belt clip
  • Holder
  • USB charging cable

Technical description BHM-78

The BHM-78 is a remote control unit for so-called "headless" radios without their own control unit, such as the Vero VR-N7500.

The BHM-78 contains a microphone, loudspeaker, GPS antenna, battery and colour display. The BHM-78 control unit is connected to the radio via the Bluetooth function. Range approx. 20-30 m, good intelligibility, splash-proof. Connection for headset or external microphone. Charging function via USB, power supply not included.

Application description BHM-78

With the BHM-78 you can connect wirelessly to your radio (e.g. a VR-N7500 or VR-N75) and move around in the environment. The BHM-78 allows remote control of the already programmed radio. The playback is sufficient even for noisy environments, and the operating time with the 3000 mAh battery is about 20 hours.

The built-in GPS receiver uses both Beidou and GPS Navstar satellites. This means that the location-based functions of the VR-N7500 radio can still be used with the BHM-78. The BHM-78 can also be used simultaneously with a paired smartphone with the radio.

Technical Data
Product Name BHM-78
Voltage [V] 3.7
Suitable for VR-N7500, VR-N75
Brand VGC Vero
Weight 180 g
Documentation Languages EN
Vero BHM-78 Bluetooth control unit
Vero BHM-78 Bluetooth control unit

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