BIG-RAK Antenna Rotator

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Supply Scope

  • BIG-RAK Rotor
  • Control unit with connection cable
  • CDROM with software
  • USB A-A cable; 1.8 metres
  • Microphone plug 4-pin (Foster plug)
SPID rotors are medium to heavy duty rotors with outstanding digital control capabilities. Mechanically simple construction and therefore robust and trouble-free: a double self-locking worm gear is used, feedback is not via a potentiometer but digitally via a reed contact with 1° resolution.

The control units have a digital display and a built-in computer interface with USB interface. They can emulate the control units of YAESU, Hy-Gain and ORION and are therefore compatible with practically any control software. Future functions can be easily retrofitted by changing the EPROM. The rotors have no built-in power supply but are supplied with DC voltage 12-24V, ideal for portable operation or field days. The torque of the rotors is with about 350Nm much higher than other rotors in this price class.

The larger BIG-RAK rotors have even higher torque or braking torques and are designed for really large antenna systems. Due to the design with double worm gear and the magnetic sensor the BIG-Rotors also have a setting accuracy of 1°.
Technical Data
Product Name BIG-RAK
Temperature Range -20°C - +50°C
Brand Spid
Tube Diameter bottom/top [mm] 66/66
Type of rotor azimuthal
Rotation Speed (360°) 240 s
Rotation Angle (°) 720 °
Carrying capacity [kg] 318 kg
Diameter rotating tube 66
Weight 11 kg
Size W x H x D 270 x 380 x 250 mm

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