BLA-350 Transistor-PA (300W, 160-10m) built-in power supply

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Supply Scope

  • 300W transistor power amplifier with power supply
  • 3-pole power cable
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WIMO Expert opinion

You enjoy a significantly increased range thanks to the 300W power amplifier, making it much easier to reach rare stations. Thanks to the integrated power supply unit, you don't have to worry about the power supply; simply plug it in and get started. This power amplifier is ideal for the demanding radio amateur who expects reliability and constant performance. The BLA-300-PLUS is robust and carefully crafted, offering a long service life without worries.
The power amplifier requires some technical understanding during initial installation - but don't worry, the result is worth the effort. The BLA-350-PLUS is an investment for demanding radio amateurs; the higher costs must of course fit into the budget.
Christoph Breker Christoph Breker DL1CBS WiMo Marketing-Experte
In contrast to many small amplifier for 12V operations, the BLA-350 is an amplifier for your station desk. It covers all HF bands from 1.5 to 30MHz and all modes (SSB, CW, AM, FM) and is well suited for QRP transceivers like FT-817, IC-703 etc., but also to get more power from 100W class transceivers, which can then be operated with a lower output power.

Manally switched low pass filters care for a good suppression of harmonics. Of course the amplifier does not need and heat-up time, and except for then band selection no tuning is required. The max. output power is 300W, with a max. allowed input power of 14W with the input attenuator switched on. An LC Display shows various operating parameters.

The amplifier BLA-350 has an ALC output and a PTT input for transceiver connection, but can also be operated by HF vox. The coaxial connectors are SO-239 sockets (PL sockets). The built-in power supply is suitable for use with voltages from 200 to 250V AC. Multiple protection circuits support trouble free operation: automatic switch-off at too high SWR or too high temperature.

Note: The BLA-350+ can not be used on 27 MHz.

Technical Data
Product Name BLA-350-PLUS
Weight (Transport) [kg] 13
Brand RM Italy
Max. Power [W] 300 W
BLA-350 Transistor-PA (300W, 160-10m) built-in power supply
BLA-350 Transistor-PA (300W, 160-10m) built-in power supply

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