BLA-600 Transistor-PA (500W, 160-6m) built-in power supply

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Supply Scope

  • Transistor PA BLA-600
  • Cable Power Supply Calibration
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The BLA-600 is a compact 500W transistor power amplifier for shortwave with built-in power supply. The amplifier works fully automated, no tuning required. Badfilter for all bands from 6 to 160m are selected automatically.

The BLA-600 utilizes up-to-date NXP/Freescale MRF6VP5600H modules for power generation. These modules use 50V supplies to achieve the best linearity and distortion free signals. The amplification factir is typicalyl 14 dB, a driving power of 20 to 5W is sufficient on 10 to 80, 30 to 40W are required on 160 and 6m. The amp works with all current transceivers, the PTT keying can be selected from various methods to accomodate keying against ground, open collector systems etc. For a noiseless transmit/receive switching the BLA-600 uses pin diodes, this enables even QSK operation at higher telegraphy speeds.

A 16x2 LC display shows the operating state of the amplifier, further LED bars show the output power level. Various protection circuits monitor several parameters, for example current intake, voltage, SWR, temperature, fan rotation etc. This ensures that the amplifer protects itself even when the antenna is malfunctioning. The BLA amp has three separate antenna connectors which can be assigned to different bands and which will be selected automatically. The built-in power supply can be adjusted to various input voltages, this makes this amplifier useful for international use, for example at DX-peditions.
Technical Data
Product Name BLA-600
Output Power W (W) 500 W
Amplification (dB) typ. 14 dBi
Brand RM Italy
Weight 21.5 kg
Max. Power [W] 500 W
Size W x H x D 430 x 142 x 324 mm

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