Portrait of Franco, coast of Croatia, radio equipment

Franco, 9A/OE7BFT, reports from his radio adventure in Croatia

Dear Radio Amateurs,

It is with great pleasure that I report from sunny Croatia! Here I am spending an unforgettable holiday with my family and have my radio equipment with me. With my 10m HD fibreglass mast and the Yaesu FTDX-10, I am well equipped and can live out my passion for radio to the full. Thanks to a 25 amp power supply, laptop and various small parts, I can go on the air undisturbed and enjoy the beauty of this paradisiacal environment. I am thrilled with the quality of my equipment and look forward to staying in touch with you in the future. I am absolutely thrilled with my equipment! With my multibalun and pre-tuned 1:9 wire, the antenna is set up in no time. The best thing about it is that I don't leave any marks or even damage anything, as I only attach everything to the trees with tension straps. This way I can live out my passion for amateur radio to the full without disturbing nature. The performance of my antenna is simply incredible and I am proud to own such reliable and effective equipment. With this setup, I can take my communications to a new level. At home, I simply have far too little space.

It's just wonderful to be out here in nature and be connected to the world at the same time. I love the feeling when I receive a signal or can radio successfully myself. The greatest adventure for me as a passionate radio amateur is the automatic logbook with HRD - Hamradio Deluxe. Finally I can enter my digital QSOs automatically, sign them and send them to LOTW. But also EQSL & Clublog must not be missing in my setup. Of course, configuring my software was a bit of a challenge as I use the Croatian prefix for my callsign. But after a few hours of setting up and fine tuning, everything is now running smoothly. I am especially excited about my 2 Pelikan cases, which optimally protect and transport my equipment. With my perfectly tuned equipment, I am ready for all the adventures that await me as a radio amateur. But the best thing about my hobby is the community. There are so many people around the world who share my passion. We share experiences, help each other with technical problems and form a strong community.

I can't wait to participate in the next contest or plan a DXpedition (Antarctica here I come). My Yaesu FTDX-10 will certainly serve me well. Only the power of 100 watts cries out for a little more power. Especially when the Lighthouse Contest starts, I often go down with 100 watts.

All in all, I am very grateful for my equipment and the hobby of amateur radio in general. Not only has it helped me make new friends and improve my technical and electronic skills - it has also helped me feel more connected to the world than ever before! I'm here in Croatia for three weeks and looking forward to many more exciting moments with my radio. I'll keep you guys posted!

See you soon,
Your Franco 9A/OE7BFT

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