Appreciated visit at WiMo

ICOM visits Herxheim

At the end of November, the WiMo team was visited by the ICOM Europe management. Mr Shinsuke Ikegami (CEO Icom Europe) and Mr Frank Strauch (Sales Icom Europe) visited Herxheim.

In addition to the current delivery situation, they also discussed the upcoming market launch of the ID-52. The handheld flagship from ICOM is a convincing dual-band 2m/70cm radio with D-Star + NFM + FM and colour display as well as a receiver for WFM radio and V/UHF aeronautical radio. Further information can be found here in our web shop.

The delivery situation at ICOM currently looks quite good, with a few exceptions. Only the transport situation is viewed with concern, as there are capacity bottlenecks.

The ID-52 will unfortunately be a little delayed, but will still arrive at WiMo in time for Christmas.

Many thanks for the visit!