DXpedition 2023

14.02.2023, 4:05h am CET

As per Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA. The 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition is QRT as of 14 FEB 2023 03:00 UTC.
Steve N2AJ, Quelle: Facebook

12.02.2023, 7:21h pm CET

From 3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA - 12 FEB 2023 18:20 UTC
“3Y0J will go QRT Monday at 12:00 to 15:00 UTC when we run out of fuel. We will start taking down the camp on Monday and transport the last equipment on Tuesday. There is another 60 knot storm coming this weekend. We have a wx window on Tuesday we will utilize now to return.” 73, Ken
Additional information: The 3Y0J log has been uploaded. However, FT8 QSOs did not upload. They will be uploaded when the laptops get back to the boat from the island. QSL manager Charles M0OXO says, “Its already on Clublog and those who donated over $350 will also have recieved their LOTW.”
Steve N2AJ, Quelle: Facebook

10.02.2023, 00:17h am CET

The 3Y0J Team is approaching the 7,000 QSO mark and continues to operate through the ongoing storm. They had a good night sleep. Last night 30m FT8 received great signals from JA and NA West coast. Unfortunately, some callers were not using Fox/Hound. Their QSOs were not logged. As stated previously, please remember that on FT8 mode 3Y0J will always be Fox/Hound. The weather in Bouvet was sunny skies and winds around 40 knots. We will continue to operate weather permitting. The 3Y0J Team wishes to thank the Amateur Radio community for their support.
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

08.02.2023, 01:00h pm CET

Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE - First QSOs have been made:
07.02.2023, 11:20h am CET

Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA has informed me that the 3Y0J Team has secured the campsite. They had a good night there last night. They will be running one station at night and two stations during the day. They will operate bands from 12m-30m. If you see a spot outside of those bands it’s a pirate. We will be operating CW & SSB at this time. Watch the DX Cluster for QSY information. If you already have Bouvet in your log please standby and let those operators who need Bouvet for an ATNO work us. There is a storm coming on Thursday that may affect operations. Please continue to watch for updates here.
3Y0J team, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 05.02.2023, 10:17h am CET
During the weekend the 3Y0J team has adjusted our plans. We are currently preparing this Sunday morning to land essential supplies to survive on the island, and build the camp to manage the upcoming storm predicted for Thursday. In addition, we will attempt to land radio equipment in a difficult operation during the most favorable time slots. This landing depends on the conditions at Bouvet which have proven to be very difficult. The setup is a small scale setup that, if we succeed, will possibly be extended. More info later.
3Y0J team, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 03.02.2023, 04:54h am CET
The 3Y0J Team is very busy working in very extreme and difficult conditions to transfer all the equipment and supplies from Marama to Bouvet Island. The materials must then be carried or hoisted up to their campsite at a higher elevation. The Starlink internet terminal has been disconnected. Internet communications with team members will not be possible again until the camp is established and Starlink set up. Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA has asked that we be patient while they work. The satellite radios are being used to coordinate activities between the camp and the boat and must be kept open for that purpose. Thank you for your understanding.
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 31.01.2023, 07:58h pm CET
In today’s 17:00 UTC Satellite Radio call 3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA announced that he and members of the 3Y0J Team have landed on Bouvet Island with a zodiac in very difficult conditions. He tells us that he had to swim for ten meters but his clothing stayed dry. All team members are OK and in good condition. They will head back to the boat at sunset. This is incredible news!
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 30.01.2023, 10:04h pm CET
3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA reports, “We are at Bouvet. We arrive in one hour. Wx forecast is not too good. There is a 24h wx window on Tuesday noon until Wednesday noon. It is foggy and difficult conditions with high winds. We will assess the situation tomorrow morning at 04:00 local time. If conditions are ok we might attempt to land. But this is not going to be easy. Otherwise we have to wait until Thursday or Friday.” The 3Y0J Team is receiving Starlink Internet Service at this time. Thank you Elon Musk!
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 23.01.2023, 09:50h pm CET
3Y0J Bouvet Island News Update: Originally 3Y0J announced that there would be no /MM operation on the way to Bouvet. Well a few days sitting on a sailboat with no HF radio to operate can change your mind. SURPRISE! Today at around 19:23 UTC the callsign LA7GIA/MM was heard on 14.018 CW from the Marama. 3Y0J Team Member Adrian KO8SCA told me a few minutes later that four different operators from the team had operated at that point. Adrian confirmed they are all using their own calls/MM. Have fun working them.
LB5GI/MM was QRV 14.265 SSB at 21:30 UTC. The first of the /MM in my log. Nice signal to NY.
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 20.01.2023, 11:25h am CET
Updated the weather coordinates: click here.
WiMo Team

UPDATE: 20.01.2023, 04:22h am CET
[...]The Marama continues to make steady progress towards Bouvet. The boat’s speed has been anywhere from 7-9 mph. Unfortunately they are no longer receiving Starlink internet service and they don’t know if or when they will be able to receive it again during travel. We still have two other means of communication with the team including the Icom Satellite Radios.[...]
Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 19.01.2023, 1:43h pm CET
Weather looks good for now! We updated the weather coordinates in "Windy". Click here for the live view.
Is anybody else getting excited?
WiMo Team

UPDATE: 17.01.2023, 6:26h pm CET
The anchor was up at 17:15 UTC today. It’s time to sail to Bouvet! Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

UPDATE: 17.01.2023, 05:20h am CET
3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA says, “Technically speaking we have departed Stanley as the ropes came off at 22:56 local time (01:56 UTC). We will stay anchored and then continue to Bouvet tomorrow. Wx forecast is 4 days with calm seas to South Georgia.”
73, Ken
Today was a busy day for the 3Y0J Team. The much awaited RAF flight came into RAF Mount Pleasant Base. All the missing bags and cases arrived and were accounted for. They were picked up and delivered to the boat by VP8 ham friends Sally and Chris along with their friend Kenny Laurie. They arrived at Marama with the precious cargo at 8:00pm. Sally is on a work assignment at Mount Pleasant Base and managed to work the ranks to get our gear. The team had a safety briefing with Captain Oliver and Peter. Earlier Oliver and Nina brought the team’s passports into town to the Customs Office and the team was cleared for departure. There was also some last minute shopping for some more supplies. Now that the team has left Camber Dock, and will be departing Port Stanley Harbor for Bouvet Island in the morning, once again here is the link where you can follow the team by GPS.
To the 3Y0J Team and the Crew of Marama:
We wish you fair winds and following sea. Have a great adventure and come home safely.

Steve N2AJ, Source: Facebook

In case someone has not noticed yet: The Bouvet Island DXpedition 3YØJ has begun! On January 11, the team took off from Brize Norton on an RAF military flight to Port Stanley (Falklands), where they arrived on the evening of January 12. There the team spent 2 days preparing, including attending a safety course. On January 15 at 7 pm local time the team co-leader Ken LA7GIA announced: "The last pieces of equipment are on board, now we will start soon".

Onward travel by ship is scheduled for January 16. The team is expected to arrive at Bouvetøya 11 to 14 days later, so depending on weather conditions, the team will be QRV (on the air) for a 22-day operation in late January.

DXpedition 3YØJ is a planned amateur radio expedition to Bouvet Island, a remote, uninhabited island in the South Atlantic. The goal of the expedition is to make contact with as many radio amateurs around the world as possible and to activate Bouvet Island as a rare and desirable location. The expedition will be organized by a team of experienced radio amateurs who will set up several radio stations on the island and use various modes of operation such as voice, digital, Morse and image transmissions to communicate with other radio amateurs around the world. The team will also use solar energy for power.

Tracker to the 3YØJ DXpedition

The extraordinary adventure will take place with the MARAMA, a sailing yacht. The team will be accompanied by the crew around Olivier LEHEC. Follow the DXpedition 2023 live with WiMo! We will try to keep you up to date with all the news.

Follow the 3YØJ weather live!

The weather on Bouvet Island and in the surrounding waters is extremely rough and unpredictable and can change quickly. Strong winds, high waves, and severe storms are common and can make it difficult or even impossible to land on the island or safely operate a boat in the area. In addition, the island is located in a remote, inhospitable part of the Southern Ocean, making it difficult to get help in an emergency. For these reasons, it is important for the DXpedition 3YØJ team to closely monitor weather conditions and have detailed plans for dealing with potential weather-related problems during the expedition.

WiMo antennas sponsored for DXpedition 2023

InnovAntenna 1712DUO

Included is the InnovAntenna 1712DUO. A very compact Yagi antenna for the 17 and 12m WARC bands (18 and 24 MHz) and one of the latest designs from G0KSC.

The dual band yagis for 17 and 12m were calculated with modern software and then optimized by hand. This allows the designer Justin, G0KSC to achieve good gain and very good robustness to provide reliable performance even in adverse weather conditions.

InnovAntenna XR3-Yagi

The XR Yagis from InnovAntennas are the ideal antennas for all radio amateurs who want to enjoy the classic shortwave bands (XR3) as well as the WARC bands (XR5, XR6).

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and a robust design optimized over many years, the antenna is also suitable for use under difficult conditions - such as on the coast.

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