WiMo takes over general distribution for Chameleon Antennas in Europe
A partnership for better prices and delivery capability in Europe

From the end of the year, WiMo will take over the general distribution for Chameleon Antenna in Europe. This is an important step aimed at offering our customers better prices and improved delivery capability. Chameleon Antenna USA is internationally recognised for its highly versatile and rugged Antenna that appeal to radio amateurs as well as professional services such as the military and intelligence agencies.

Chameleon Antenna products
What makes Chameleon Antenna so special?

The Antenna from Chameleon Antenna specialise in shortwave and are characterised by their ease of use and quick deployment. Whether you are an experienced radio amateur or a professional service provider, Chameleon Antenna offer you the reliable design you need. The best part? Many of these Antenna can be built in different configurations to meet different needs. Whether you need short and medium ranges or want to cover long distances, Chameleon Antenna are flexible to fit your needs.

The benefits of the WiMo and Chameleon Antenna partnership in Europe

The extended partnership between WiMo and Chameleon Antenna brings a number of benefits for you as a customer in Europe. The joint logistics will result in more favourable transport costs, which will be directly reflected in your prices. It also increases the availability of products. This means that you can obtain high-quality Antenna from Chameleon Antenna more quickly and easily.

In addition, the sourcing of spare parts and technical support in Europe will be improved to ensure that your radio equipment is always in top condition.

The Chameleon Antenna and WiMo partnership at a glance

WiMo appreciates the trust Chameleon Antenna places in our capabilities. As we have been offering products from this manufacturer for over 10 years and know the quality of the Antenna inside out, you can be sure that you are in the best hands with us. Our investment in an expanded warehouse for almost all Chameleon products will further strengthen this partnership and offer you even more possibilities.

We are excited about the developments this partnership will bring to the world of wireless technology. We pride ourselves on always providing you with the best products and services and look forward to a successful partnership with Chameleon Antenna.

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