Information on the current delivery situation


We have been informed that Diamond is currently planning delivery times of up to six months due to extremely high demand and major delays in the production of individual products. This is not pleasant. Fortunately, our warehouse is well stocked with Diamond items.

The following products, which have not been available for some time, are unfortunately exceptions:


- VX-4000

- X-5000

- X-6000

- X-7000

- X-510N and

- BB-7V


However, it is pleasing to note that we have recently been able to add Diamond CP-610, MX-2000/N und X-50N to our stock.


Furthermore, one of our logistics partners was the victim of a cyber attack on the US data centre. This is currently holding up several deliveries from Asia, such as Daiwa. However, we have been assured that by next week there will be - pardon the pun - "movement in the matter" again.


In addition, the US manufacturers have already been severely affected by procurement problems and aluminium punitive tariffs for several months and are unfortunately unable to make any or only limited delivery promises to us. Primarily affected by this are, for example, GAP, Mosley and Chameleon.


As soon as we have new and relevant information regarding the delivery situation, we will post it directly and immediately here on the blog.