The thing about cold metal...


The thing about cold metal....

With these temperatures right now, the memories of colder days are a distant thought. The only cold thing is the ice melting from the cone. But like every year, winter comes sooner than one might think.

Amateur radio is not just a seasonal hobby, even in the cold months you want the best reception possible. So if you are still sitting back and thinking "I do have some time to build up my masts" you will have to live with the consequences.

And there are quite a few of them!

Did you know that metal has a 100 times higher thermal conductivity than water? So if you unawarely touch your mast in winter to build it up, it extracts the complete heat from your hand and makes sure that the water freezes on your skin. And BANG you are frozen to the spot. And to break free again needs a lot of willpower. Better a nice lukewarm aluminum mast instead.

Anyway, even with gloves, one encounters the one or other difficulties during mast building in winter. Since with padded hands, it is not so simple with the sense of touch... Suddenly the smallest screws become the biggest problem. And then these things also like to fall down. Looking for screws is NEVER fun, but looking for a screw in deep snow is really NO fun. Especially since even moving a little in frosty conditions involves real risks. Slippery roofs and ladders quickly turn into a danger of falling.

If you then try to install the painstakingly recovered screw in the mast, and then the grease is frozen and tough due to the cold, you wish you had built the mast earlier.


Of course, we can not let you to do that in any case. :)

At WiMo you will find everything you need to really take advantage of the last beautiful summer weeks of the year and build your mast in the sunshine.

So this weekend there is up to 15% discount on selected aluminum masts and equipment!




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Mast tripods:

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