European Union DX Contest 2022


"All participants from the European Union will experience the fun of being a "multiplier" in a worldwide contest." (European Union DX Contest Club)

This year again the annual EU DX Contest will take place on the first weekend in February (05.-06.02.).

The contest starts at 6pm, lasts exactly 24 hours and of course WiMo will be part of it again this year. We sponsor 2 HAMRADIOGUIDES which will be raffled among all participants (one for EU stations, one for Dx stations) who have made at least 200 QSOs in the EU DX contest.

The categories of the contest are:

  1. SOAB-MIX-HP - Single Op, All Bands, MIXED,
  2. SOAB-MIX-LP - Single Op, All Bands, MIXED, Low Power (up to 100 watts)
  3. SOAB-MIX-QRP - Single Op, All Bands, MIXED, QRP (up to 5 watts)
  4. SOAB-CW-HP - Single Op, All Bands, CW
  5. SOAB-CW-LP - Single Op, All Bands, CW, Low Power (up to 100 watts)
  6. SOAB-SSB - Single Op, All Bands, SSB
  7. SOAB-SSB-LP - Single Op, All Bands, SSB, Low Power (up to 100 watts)
  8. SOSB - Single Op, single band, MIXED (6 different band entries, separately 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m)
  9. MOST - Multi Op, All Bands, Single transmitter, MIXED
  10. M/M - Multi Op, multi transmitters, MIXED
  11. Multi Transmitter Distributed (MULTI-DISTRIBUTED)
  12. SWL -MIXED

Your chance to win, all further information and the complete rules you can find here: