Careful maintenance for long-lasting reliability of your radio equipment

With these simple tips for care and cleaning, you can save your radio equipment from letting you down in an emergency. You will enjoy your high-quality devices for a long time and their resale value will increase.

Expert tips for cleaning your radio equipment safely and effectively

Important before cleaning: To avoid injury and to prevent damage to the electronics, switch off the devices and disconnect the battery or power supply before cleaning!

Tips for external care: How to keep your radio equipment shiny.

Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the devices. For stubborn stains or dirt, we recommend using a slightly damp cloth. A commercially available agent such as window cleaner is suitable for this purpose. Please do not use overly aggressive cleaning agents, as these can easily damage the rubber seals of some radio devices. Always test the cleaning agent on a non-visible part of the device first. Make sure that no cleaning agent gets into the openings of the radio.

Faded front panels can be restored to their former lustre with a cockpit spray from a car valeting shop.

Dust that has become trapped in the corners and recesses is best removed with a soft brush. Tools for cleaning computer keyboards, such as a bellows or compressed air spray, are also very suitable. Dust should also be removed from the inside of the devices over time. Otherwise there is a risk of heat death. A soft brush with the aid of a hoover is also suitable for this purpose. Special care must be taken not to damage any components! Please do not forget to clean the appliance fan.

Over time, the display may become scratched. Light scratches can be removed with a polish for smartphone displays. However, it would be better to protect the display with a protective film. Scratches on housing parts, on the other hand, are not so easy to remove. Often only a new coat of paint will help. However, if you don't want to work with a sander and spray paint, you can use an adhesive film from the car wrapping sector (assuming you have some manual dexterity). Cleanly wrapped housing parts look like new and the film even conceals slight scratches and unevenness in the original paintwork.

Maintain watertightness, look after seals.

Regularly check the seals of the battery compartment and other device openings, such as the connections for the microphone. Keep them clean and free of dirt to ensure that they remain watertight. Only use light soapy water for cleaning; rubber quickly becomes brittle due to aggressive cleaning agents. Replace defective seals.

Better signal: Continuous monitoring and measurement of the antenna for optimum performance.

A damaged antenna can impair the performance of the radio or destroy the output stage of the device. A regular visual inspection and measurement with an SWR measuring device (or even better: with a network analyser) can help to detect creeping deterioration at an early stage.

Reliable energy: tips on caring for batteries and rechargeable batteries

Check the batteries regularly for signs of leakage and replace them in good time. Clean the battery contacts with a dry cloth or cotton bud to ensure a good connection. Depending on the battery type, it is advisable to charge the batteries at regular intervals, even when the devices are not in use, to prevent deep discharge.

Long-term safety: correct storage and care to protect radio equipment

To save yourself work and expensive repairs, please ensure good care and optimum storage right from the start. Keep your radio equipment in a dry and cool place to avoid moisture and extreme temperatures. Protect it from direct sunlight and strong vibrations. Dust the devices regularly. Customised dust covers for your radio equipment are a proven solution.

Firmware updates rectify errors and add new functions.

Check regularly whether there are new firmware updates for your devices from the manufacturers. You should install an update in good time, as errors are often rectified and new functions are also made available.

We hope you enjoy your equipment for a long time to come! Do you have the ultimate cleaning tip for us? What has worked for you? Feel free to share it under our post on social media.

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