Welcome to the new drive-in for radio amateurs!

WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is a European market leader for amateur radio products and has now opened the first amateur radio drive-in. The new drive-in was set up to offer customers a way to quickly pick up their new toys without having to leave the car. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the new WiMo Drive-In and find out how it works.

Why was the new WiMo drive-in opened?

WiMo Antennas and Electronics Ltd. had to convert its old retail store into office space due to the company's strong growth. As a result, customers lacked a way to quickly pick up their orders. The solution to this problem was to open the first amateur radio drive-in retail store.

How does the new WiMo drive-in work?

The WiMo drive-in is set up similarly to the hamburger restaurants we all know. Customers can line up with their car and place their order at the order terminal. Then they slowly drive through the drive-in into the building. There, employees from the warehouse and order processing department will expertly take care of your order.

If the customer has a waiting time, he can use WLAN on request to bridge the time. The WLAN costs 8€ for 1024 Kbit. In case of larger orders we will help to load the order into the car. The passage is possible for vehicles up to 7.49 tons.

What if a part is not in stock?

If a part is not in stock, customers can relax and wait for their delivery at a campsite in the area.

How is payment made at the WiMo drive-in store?

Just before exiting the WiMo drive-in store is the payment station. Here, customers can easily pay with all major credit cards. Customers should make sure they have sufficient credit to avoid a traffic jam. When stopping, the engine should be turned off (only for combustion vehicles). Upon request, the car's windows can also be cleaned (+€35).

What are the advantages of the new WiMo Drive-In store?

The new WiMo drive-in store offers customers many advantages. They can pick up their orders quickly and easily without having to look for a parking space. Waiting times can be bridged in a relaxed manner with the WiMo WLAN. For larger orders, help is provided with loading into the car.

What are the next steps for WiMo?

The WiMo team plans to optimize the new drive-in store and introduce further innovations to improve the customer shopping experience. Another goal is to offer our drive-in customers an online discount of up to 10% for orders placed from the drive-in.


WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH has introduced a new concept to the industry by opening its first amateur radio drive-in retail store. The new retail store offers customers a fast and convenient way to pick up their orders without having to search for a parking space. WiMo will continue to play a leading role in the amateur radio industry with further innovations.

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