WiMo sponsors WRTC youth team!

Hello competitors!

The time is coming soon! Next weekend (8/9 July), the WRTC (World Amateur Radio Championship) will take place in Bologna as part of the IARU HF Championship! The contest starts on Saturday, 8.7. at 12:00 UTC and ends on Sunday at 11:59 UTC. The RS(T) report and the own ITU zone (Germany e.g. 28) will be flown.

A total of 56 teams from all over the world will take part. Each team consists of two persons. All stations are equipped in the same way with regard to antennas, and the locations are as comparable as possible. Among the teams are 6 youth teams, of which WiMo supports one. The team consists of Megan (EI5LA) and Leon (DL3ON). Harald (DL2SAX) will support the team on site. WiMo provides the hopeful team with a FlexRadio 6400M transceiver. We wish them good luck!

The rules for the WRTC contest are very strict. For example, no team is allowed to reveal their identity to avoid targeted support from their home country. The callsign block for the WRTC participants will be announced on Friday morning. Participants will also receive their station callsign only 15 minutes before the start of the contest.

Contestants at home (i.e. you!) are also asked not to publish the identity of the contestants in the DX Cluster in case someone recognises the voice. So please no comments, neither in the DX cluster nor on the tape! The easiest way to support the teams is to make as many connections as possible with WRTC stations! Feel free to spot in the cluster, but always without comment.

As there are more points for SSB than for CW QSOs this time, most teams will concentrate on this mode. But of course CW will be used as well. All QSOs will be posted live on the internet by the contest participants, on the WRTC website you can easily follow the activities:www.wrtc2022.it

You can see on which band/mode the stations are currently operating as well as the last spots of WRTC stations and the last QSOs. If you enter your call in the top right-hand corner, you can see which station has already worked where. So there is no need to create your own checklist of calls. Try it out!

Please upload your log to the ARRL no later than 6 hours after the contest. You will find the link at the bottom of the awards page. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the radio conditions are good and the technology holds out! WiMo especially wishes Megan and Leon lots of fun. It is a unique opportunity to support amateur radio perfectly!

Thank you, 73 and 55.

Carsten Esch, DL6LAU and the whole WiMo team!

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