Customer Satisfaction at its core: How WiMo and Ciro Mazzoni exceeded expectations

Slightly different "review" - user experience report: Mag.Loop Stealth 6.6-29.7 MHz with ATU 2. Most reviews focus on a product or item that we have purchased and would like to share our experiences with others. This review will be a bit different, as it relates to a very interesting product, but the main focus will be on testing the manufacturer and supplier. As you will see, it was a very demanding test for all parties involved.

The following companies underwent the test: WiMo. The company is a prominent supplier of radio communication equipment, not only for radio amateurs.

Ciro Mazzoni Radiocomunicazioni. The company is a significant manufacturer of high-quality magnetic loop antennas (MLA).

I am a very satisfied owner of the Midi Loop magnetic antenna from Ciro Mazzoni, which was supplied by WiMo. I have had the antenna for some time, and I have been impressed not only by its excellent performance but also by its high-quality construction, which is truly exceptional. Whe WiMo introduced a special antenna called the "Stealth loop," I immediately considered how to acquire it and where to install the antenna. It is also a magnetic antenna for shortwave, but its design is so clever that it can be easily disguised, for example, as a boot rack on a balcony. No one in the vicinity needs to have any idea that you have a quite effective shortwave antenna at home. This was also my idea, and I intended to disguise the antenna as a rainwater tank.

A major problem with the antennas was that they were not available. As soon as they appeared at distributors, they were quickly sold out. But one day, it finally happened. The funds were available, and the antenna was in stock at WiMo. I didn't hesitate and immediately ordered the antenna. Here, it is important to mention that the antenna is quite large, and the shipping costs are significant, around 190 euros depending on the carrier. This is an important aspect of our review.

Of course, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the antenna at my home, which happened within a few days. Since I was at work, my son received the package on my behalf and had precise instructions to inspect the package for any significant damage, which he did. When I returned home from work, a neat box was waiting for me, and I eagerly unpacked the antenna and placed it on the table... I was thrilled. I appreciate meticulously crafted products, so I examined the antenna. However, my excitement was short-lived... After a few moments, the capacitor of the antenna seemed off. Some of its plates were bent, and some were almost touching the opposite plate. Well, this simply couldn't work properly, and my enthusiasm turned into anger and disappointment. I didn't waste time and took pictures of the issue with a camera. I sent an email to Ciro Mazzoni explaining my problem and expressing my disappointment with their product.

Surprisingly, the company responded with great speed. They immediately replied that they were completely shocked and that it was impossible for the antenna, as I photographed it, to have passed the testing process. The manufacturer's first question was whether the packaging was damaged. I replied that it was not, as the packaging showed only minor scratches. However, I discovered that the entire arm of the antenna was moving with an extremely large play in the joint. Even aligning the capacitor plates would not have helped; the antenna was simply unusable in this condition.

I wrote to the manufacturer again with my findings, but they did not understand how the problem occurred. The antenna was indeed well packaged, and while transport damage could not be ruled out, I insisted that the packaging was fine. I sent photos of the box and additional photos of the antenna to the manufacturer. There was also the possibility of unauthorized handling of the package, but the original manufacturer's tape was undamaged.

The decision was clear... the antenna had to be sent back to the manufacturer or supplier. This is when the supplier, WiMo, came into play. I contacted them via email, provided a description of the whole problem, and shared the entire communication with the manufacturer. I had to rely on an online translator due to the language barrier, as my knowledge of English is very limited. I believe that both parties occasionally had trouble with my translations, but they managed with perseverance, and misunderstandings were avoided.

It was decided that the antenna must be returned to the manufacturer... there was no other solution. However, the shipping cost was unthinkable for me, not to mention the fact that the antenna also had to be returned.

Here, there was a very unexpected offer from WiMo. They offered to cover all transportation costs. So, I packed the antenna back into its original box, sealed it with high-strength tape, arranged and paid for the shipment. The antenna was sent to the manufacturer the next day, and WiMo truly reimbursed the transportation expenses.

The antenna arrived at Ciro Mazzoni, the manufacturer, within a few days, and they immediately inspected it. They discovered that the antenna had suffered a severe impact during transport, causing the antenna joint to break and the capacitor plates to bend. The antenna underwent a complete repair, and the damaged parts were completely replaced. It went through a rigorous testing process, which took a few days.

It is important to note that both, the manufacturer, Ciro Mazzoni, and the supplier, WiMo, communicated with me throughout the entire process. I received updates almost every day regarding the progress of resolving my issue. The manufacturer even sent photos of the measurements being taken. When the antenna was repaired, I reached an agreement with the supplier to have the manufacturer handle the delivery directly to my home (saving costs). Everything went smoothly, the transportation was arranged, and within two days, my expenses were reimbursed. The antenna arrived at my home within a few days.

Just like before, I unpacked the antenna and placed it on the table... I am satisfied, the antenna is in perfect condition... and it's simply beautiful.

However, the story does not end here. Both, the manufacturer and the supplier, contacted me within a few days to ensure that everything was in perfect order. Yes, I can say that everything is very good.

Both parties incurred significant financial costs throughout this entire process (transport alone amounted to nearly 400 euros). The manufacturer essentially replaced half of the antenna, not to mention the work involved in readjusting it. It also costs me a great deal of effort, with communication through a translator causing much frustration and consuming time. As for the carrier responsible for damaging the antenna, they apparently escaped without consequences (I don't have that information). I received the package in good condition, and once you file a claim, it becomes very problematic.

However, all of this was not in vain, and although it may not seem so, it will be beneficial for all parties involved in the future. For me, it was a lesson to check parcels carefully when I receive them, and for larger quantities it is also advisable to unpack them in front of the carrier.

WiMo and Ciro Mazzoni acted as absolute professionals and devoted a portion of their profit, as well as a significant amount of their time, to ensure customer satisfaction. These companies can serve as examples for many others, as their customer service is excellent. Communication was extremely fast and went beyond the norm. Despite being completely innocent in the entire problem, the manufacturer and supplier took full responsibility. I think there's nothing more to add.

Thank you :-)

As for our antenna... it works great, and you'll have a lot of fun with it. You can mount it anywhere or even use it as a portable... but that's another review :-)

Zdenek Koráb


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