4O3A products for radio amateurs

Automation and flexibility: With 4O3A components to the optimal amateur radio station.


You surely know the satisfying feeling of "clicking" when everything fits together perfectly? Whether it's precisely joining two perfectly crafted pieces of wood or building a complex amateur radio station - with the right components, everything just clicks. One piece fits seamlessly into the other, without complications or unforeseen problems. This is exactly the experience 4O3A offers us radio amateurs.


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  1. 4O3A Rotor Genius Control Unit
    4O3A Rotor Genius Control Unit

    Flexible rotor control unit for many different rotor types, controlled by Windows or Android programs.

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  2. 4O3A Output module, programmable
    4O3A Output module, programmable

    Individually switchable outputs, 16 relays, stainless steel housing

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  3. 403A Band Pass Filter XL Series
    403A Band Pass Filter XL Series

    Superlative bandpass filter, min. 55 dB blocking depth outside the band, max. power handling up to 4500 Watt, active cooling can be switched on. Optionally N or PL connections.

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  4. 4O3A Signature Power Genius XL + Antenna Genius 8x2
    4O3A Signature Power Genius XL + Antenna Genius 8x2

    4O3A "Power Genius XL" power amplifier bundled with the matching 3 kW antenna selector switch "Antenna Genius".

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  5. 4O3A Signature Power Genius XL
    4O3A Signature Power Genius XL

    Compact and easy to use shortwave power amplifier from FlexRadio. Up to 2000W output power, very easy integration into your own station for all common transceivers. SO2R contest operation possible.

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  6. 4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner
    4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner

    Triplexer for 10, 15 and 20m, designed for high power up to 4500 Watt. Allows operation of a multi-band antenna on several radios at the same time, also at the transmitting end, when using suitable bandpass filters at the same time.

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Experience meets innovation - The 4O3A team develops coordinated equipment - Not only for contest stations.

The experienced team around Ranko, 4O3A, has made it their business to develop equipment for radio stations that are perfectly tuned to each other. Ranko is a multiple participant of the WRTC (World Radiosport Team Championship), and his experience is well documented by the well-known station 4O3A. His company includes many active and experienced radio amateurs who work together to develop these components.

Maximum flexibility and easy integration - The automation possibilities with the components of 4O3A

The result of this combined expertise and experience is a range of products that complement each other perfectly and allow you to automate your amateur radio station. Each of these components can be controlled remotely, either via Ethernet or standardised control signals. This makes integration super easy and the possibilities to combine different devices in different numbers are great!

For example, imagine the challenge of using a second receiver on the same antenna alongside your main transceiver. This is particularly useful in competitions to monitor an extra band and find multipliers, and on larger expeditions. Here, for example, 4O3A offers splitters/combiners that can split the antenna signal between multiple receivers. While transmitting, the second receiver is automatically switched off for protection.

Now let's take the scenario of two radios, one power amplifier and one antenna. In this case, you need a splitter to connect both transceivers. No problem with the 4O3A crossover switch. It can be easily integrated and ensures correct distribution of the signals.

The Genius product line - Powerful components for first-class radio stations

But what if you have multiple antennas? 4O3A has the perfect solution for that too: the Antenna Genius 8x2 antenna switcher. This can distribute up to eight antennas across two transceivers. If you want to use a multi-band beam, you can also distribute the signal to different devices at the same time using a splitter/combiner and precisely tuned band filters. In this way, you can gradually build up a powerful contest station.

4O3A's most powerful product line is called "Genius" for a reason. Here you will find extremely flexible components such as the Power Genius, a powerful power amplifier, very powerful automatic tuners (Tuner Genius), and the Antenna Genius, as well as various coax switches and band filters.