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Kenwood Company Overview

Kenwood was originally founded in 1946 as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. in Komagane City by Jiro Kasuga and was renamed Kasuga Radio Industrie Corporation in 1950. The purpose of operation was initially the development and production of radio sets. In 1955, high demand necessitated the establishment of a mass production facility in Tokyo. With the renaming to Trio Corporation in 1960, the company entered the production of the first amateur radios under the brand name "Trio Kenwood".

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Company location Tokyo, Japan
Founder Jiro Kasuga
In stock since von Anfang an bei WiMo
Year established 1946

Product categories

In addition to the Car Entertainment and Home Entertainment divisions, the Comunications division's product portfolio includes analog and digital professional, PMR, Freenet and amateur radios in handheld, mobile or fixed station and repeater station versions. Each for the application and use areas NEXEDGE dPMR, DMR, ATEX, the digital and analogue operational and BOS radio, as well as the license-free radio PMR446 and Freenet. In the large consumer electronics sector, Kenwood developed and produced audio recorders, car radios, hi-fi and home cinema equipment, record players and navigation equipment.

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  1. Kenwood Schnellladegerät f. TH-K20/K40
    Kenwood Schnellladegerät f. TH-K20/K40

    Charging cradle with plug-in power supply for TH-K20/K40

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  2. Kenwood LS/Mic combi. SMC-34
    Kenwood LS/Mic combi. SMC-34

    Loudspeaker/Micro combo with 3 function keys and volume control.

    No longer available

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  3. Kenwood PKT-23E PMR446
    Kenwood PKT-23E PMR446

    Very light and easy to use PMR446 handheld radio. Only 100g, Micro-USB charging socket, 500mW transmitting power, licence free.

    No longer available

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €94.95
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Items 31-40 of 70