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  • BroadPro50 Double Jacket Cable
This cable has a solid inner conductor with 2,7 mm diameter, but that is not the gist. The trick here is the outer jacket. It is double layered: the outer layer is made of PVC. The inner layer consist of red polyethylene. Though, watertight and red. It is red so that you can see damages after 'misuse' at first glance. If only the outer layer is damaged: self-amalgamating duct tape or heat shrink sleeve with glue on the inside applied at the breach, done! And if the inner layer is damaged too? Well, additionally copper braid and copper foil are waxed with paraffin-like grease, which also improves the cable's flexibility, too.
Technical Data
Product Name BroadPro50
Attenuation 30 MHz (dB) 1.93
Attenuation 144 MHz (dB) 4.3
Attenuation 432 MHz (dB) 7.6
Attenuation 1296 MHz (dB) 13.8
Attenuation 2320 MHz (dB/100m) 19.8
Attenuation 5000 MHz (dB) 32
Attenuation 6000 MHz (dB) 36.2
Velocity Factor 0.85
Cable Length [m] 25 m
Cable type BroadPro 50
Structure of the inner conductor Solid wire
Diameter center conductor 2.76 mm
Cable diameter [mm] 10.3
Cable Diameter > 7 mm to 11 mm
Bend Radius (mm) 80
Temperature Range -40 C - +60 C
Brand Messi e Paoloni
Length [m] 25 m
Weight per Meter 3.25 kg
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm

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