Palstar BT-1500A Balanced Antenna Tuner 1500W

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  • Tuner
  • DC Cable
  • Manual EN
The Palstar BT1500A is built for exactly one reason - to tune balanced antennas best possible. There is no trade-off with coax fed antennas nor with unbalanced feeds.

The Palstar BT1500A with two roller inductors on one shaft and a variable capacitor with two sections is designed to be truly balanced. This makes a nearly perfect adjustment for open wire fed antennas possible (also with high power rating). The variable capacitor can be switched either to the input or output side. When the variocap is on the input side it provides a low Z and high-pass filter, when on the output side a high Z and low-pass filter. This offers various impedance ranges for different antennas and applications, making the tuner more versatile.

As with all large tuners from Palstar, the AT-4K has a large cross-needle display with backlighting. Switching meter range from 300 to 3000 W provides instant overview of forward and reverse power as well as the resulting SWR. The meter has a 'Peak and Hold' function to read peak values more accurate and easier. Power supply requires 12V, max. 200mA.

Only the coax cable is needed to connect radio and tuner! No other connections necessary.
Technical Data
Product Name BT-1500A
Tuner type Manual tuning
Brand Palstar
Weight 7.7 kg

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