BT-20LTE Repeater LTE 2600 MHz (Band 7)

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Supply Scope

  • BT-20LTE repeater
  • 240V power supply
  • Cable (2x 10m)
The BT-20LTE Repeater extends the range of LTE signals in the 2600 MHz frequency range (LTE band 7). It is suitable for extended coverage of small offices, restaurants, homes, shops etc. where reception of LTE signals was not possible before due to building limitations.

The BT-20LTE consists of one outdoor antenna with 10m cable, the amplifier unit, and one indoor antenna, also with 10m cable. A power supply is of course supplied as well. For best results the outdoor antenna should be installed on the roof or at the side of the building. This requires a small mast or wall mount which we are happy to supply also. The indoor antenna is installed in the room which should be covered with improved signals. The antenna can be mounted hidden behind a panel, curtain, suspended ceiling etc. (but nothing metallic). The supplied cables (2x 10m) are equipped with all connectors, the entire system is very easy to install.

The BT-20LTE repeater covers a room of up to 200m² maximum, depending on internal structures, layout of the room etc. It supports up to 10 connections at the same time. The number of phones registered to the network is not limited.

Please observe the respective regulations for the operation of such devices in your country before commissioning.
Technical Data
Product Name BT-20LTE
Brand Microset

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