Series FME

FME connectors are sometimes also called "SAP" or "nipple" connectors and are mainly used in the telephone and automotive sectors. The term plug and socket is unusual: The FME socket is the part that has an external thread, the inner conductor is designed as a cup. An FME plug is then the one on the device and has an internal thread and the inner conductor as a pin.

An advantage of FME plugs is their compact design. This results in slim plugs which, in the case of RG-58, are hardly thicker than the cable. With the appropriate adapters, you can then quickly assemble appropriate cables with different connectors.

With WiMo, FME is used in many antenna combiners for motor vehicles, as well as in the Allgon antennas.

Some of the connectors offered here are crimp connectors. This means that they are not soldered on, but the outer braid is placed on a shaft, a sleeve is placed over it and then it is crimped with a special crimping tool. The inner conductor is usually always soldered.

WiMo offers a good range of cable tools .


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7 Items