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N connectors are among the most commonly used connectors in radio technology, they are available for practically all cables. The advantage is their robustness and easy assembly without special tools (except for crimp plugs). N connectors are largely watertight when correctly assembled. The N plugs we offer are nickel-plated and have a gold-plated inner conductor.

So-called RP-N plugs are occasionally used in the WLAN area. RP stands for Reverse Polarity, i.e. the inner conductor has a reversed polarity. Instead of a pin you find a cup and vice versa. This causes a little bit of confusion between the terms plug and socket - usually everything with an external thread is called a socket, everything with an internal thread is called a plug, regardless of what the inner conductor looks like.

Many of the plugs offered here are crimp plugs, i.e. they are not soldered on, but the outer braid is placed on a shaft, a sleeve is placed over it and this is then closed with a special crimping tool. The inner conductor is usually always soldered.

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  1. N cable socket (10 mm cable)
    N cable socket (10 mm cable)

    N cable socket, solder, TriAlloy coating (CuSnZn3)

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