CAT interface for SDA-100 controller

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The SDA-100 offers an improved lightning protection on the driver circuits, compared to the standard controller. The driver chips are now socketed for easier replacement.

Additionally we offer (optionally) the 'advanced lightning protection' (ALP), with add more protection against lightnings and static discharge.

The CAT control (requires CAT option) can be switched on and off with a button. A blinking LED shows if the antenna is currently tuning or not.

Further details:

  • Additional button to retract the elements

  • Button with LED to show the current direction (normal or 180°)

  • Firmware updates of the SDA-100 are possible over an USB interface; the firmware is available on the SteppIr website

  • Improved and faster manual frequency control

  • Two lines, backlit LC display

Prevents the keying of a power amplifier while the antenna is tuning, avoiding damages to the antenna.
Technical Data
Product Name CAT I/F SDA-100
Brand SteppIR

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