Oscar-1 Ceiling Mounted Speaker

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Product description

No room for a nice loudspeaker on the table or on the shelf? How about a ceiling speaker? With the 'OSCAR-1' Phonema offers an acoustically very mature loudspeaker, which is suspended from the ceiling.

Ideally, this speaker hangs directly above the operator's seat for the best listening experience. The manufacturer calls the resulting acoustics "Sound from the Sky", because the hearing impression is almost like with headphones, but without the annoying pressure on the head. The relatively strong directivity of the 'OSCAR-1' loudspeaker (opening angle approx. 57°) provides a very precise sound field, which allows the listener to concentrate exactly on the signal. No matter if telegraphy, weak SSB or a fading radio station - the OSCAR-1 produces a very pleasant and clear sound image, which provides good intelligibility.

Another advantage of the ceiling loudspeaker is that the signal is radiated downwards so that the surroundings are not unnecessarily exposed to sound. This means that other people in the same room hardly notice anything of the sound, at least significantly less than when the loudspeaker radiates to the front.