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The CHA MIL Whip 2.0 is a broadband whip antenna for portable applications or manpack radios that require a compact and robust antenna system.

When used alone as a radiator, the antenna covers the frequency range from 28 to 54 MHz, an antenna tuner is required. A radial system is required to improve RF propagation and antenna performance.

The design of the CHA MIL Whip V2 was adopted from similar antennas used by many armies around the world. The CHA MIL 2.0 is very robust, rugged and portable (foldable). The packing size of the antenna is about 51 cm. The 7 brass segments, each 44 cm long, are held together by a tear-resistant rubber cord (shock cord).

The CHA MIL WHip V2 is an excellent addition for the antennas CHA HYBRID, CHA HYBRID-MICRO and CHA MPAS. In addition, the Mil Whip can be used on any other antenna system with a 3/8" thread.

Length: 285cm
Connection: 3/8"-24 thread
Weight: approx. 450g

Technical Data
Supported Bands 6m, 10m