Chameleon HYBRID-MINI Wide band Wire antenna 1.8-54 MHz

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Top Features

  • Versatile use, numerous expansion options
  • Power handling up to 500 watts (SSB)

Supply Scope

  • Chameleon HYBRID-MINI matching unit

Additionally for versions with antenna wire:

  • Antenna wire in selected length
  • Wire winder
  • Isoloator
  • Snap hook

Chameleon has thought about the universal use of its antennas. The result is the HYBRID-MINI antenna system. The system consists of a universal antenna base that can be combined with different radiators to create a wide variety of antennas.

HYBRID-MINI antenna base

Antenna base for 160-6m with built-in 1:5 broadband matching transformer in accordance to G8JNJ, SSB load capacity 500 W max. The base is fitted with a 3/8" connector on which various antenna radiators can be mounted. The connection to the radio is made via a PL connector on the side. The base has a 3/8" stainless steel threaded bolt connected to ground on the underside for attachment.

The antennas of the HYBRID-MINI series are available with different wire lengths, so that a broadband long-wire antenna can already be set up without additional parts. Simply select the variant that suits your application. Other wire lengths and a wide range of accessories are also available for the hybrid series. Ideal for experimenting or optimizing your antenna.

Radials are generally not required, but can improve the radiation characteristics of the antennas depending on the configuration.

To adjust the antennas, a tuner may be required on some bands depending on the configuration, although the tuners built into today's transceivers are usually sufficient.

The HYBRID-MINI series can be operated in various configurations:

  1. HYBRID-MINI base as an end-fed long-wire antenna (included)
    With the end-fed wire, the frequency range from 160m to 6m is completely covered.
    This is the perfect solution for apartments, balconies, roof trusses and all other applications where restrictions apply to antenna installation.
    The base does not require a counterweight, but grounding is generally always an advantage. The wire does not follow a straight line, but can be hung as a slooper, inverted "V", inverted "L" or zigzag.
  2. HYBRID-MINI base as a mobile antenna
    The base can of course also be used with any 3/8" mobile antenna, such as the V1L, the V2 or (mobile) the MIL-Whip.
    When the whip alone is not adjustable, then this is the perfect complement for this.
  3. HYBRID MINI base as a vertical antenna
    The base is also ideal for this purpose.
    Where space is limited, vertical antennas are often the only way to become QRV at all.
    In combination with the Chameleon MIL Whip, you get a vertical antenna for the 160m - 6m bands with a length of only 3m.
  4. HYBRID MINI base as a dipole antenna
    The base is of course also suitable for connecting various dipole antennas.
    When setting up, simply connect one leg of the dipole to the 'hot end' of the HYBRID-MINI antenna base and the other end to the ground connection.
    Depending on the installation height and type of installation, either a steep radiation pattern or the typical dipole characteristic is achieved.
Technical Data
Product Name Chameleon HYBRID-MINI Wide band Wire antenna 1.8-54 MHz
Design of antenna Portable
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Max. Power SSB: 500W, CW: 200W, RTTY/FT8: 40W
Brand Chameleon
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m, 6m
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Chameleon HYBRID-MINI Wide band Wire antenna 1.8-54 MHz
Chameleon HYBRID-MINI Wide band Wire antenna 1.8-54 MHz

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