Chameleon LRT Loop Tuner

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Top Features

  • Fast and slow tuning
  • For CHA F-Loop version 3.0

Supply Scope

  • CHA-LRT Chameleon Loop Tuner
  • Remote control
  • 6 m cable
  • Mounting material
  • Allen key
  • Manual (English)

Technical description CHA LRT

The CHA-LRT replaces the manual tuning knob with a motorized housing and is controlled by a wired, battery-powered control box with fast and slow tuning buttons. Detailed instructions allow easy installation and operation of the Loop Remote Tuner. A standard 9 volt block battery is used for power supply.

The resolution of the tuning steps is approx. 12 kHz (at 15 MHz).

Application description CHA LRT

The Chameleon Loop Tuner allows you to easily tune your CHA F-Loop version 3.0 with a wired remote control without being in close proximity to the antenna. This allows the antenna to be mounted away from the operating location, e.g. on a balcony or terrace. There are 2 tuning speeds available for each direction, allowing both fast and precise tuning operations. The cable included in the set has a length of 6 m and is equipped with all necessary connectors.

Technical Data
Product Name CHA LRT
Supply Voltage [V] 9 V
Tuner type Manual tuning
Brand Chameleon

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