Common mode filter 1,8-54 MHz, 2000W

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  • Common mode filter 1.8-54 MHz
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New filter concept againt fights TVI and BCI

In some cases traditional low pass filters have a limited effect on TVI and BCI. Usually because these interferences are not caused by harmonics but by common mode currents on the outer shield of the feed line, these currents are not affected by low pass filters.

To solve these problems a new kind of filter is available - the common mode filter for 1.8 to 54MHz, which is inserted into the feedline just as a low pass, as close to the transceiver as possible. Common mode suppression up to 250MHz and up to 50dB.

Two versions are available: max. 2000W or max. 5000W power load (key down!), insertion loss max. 0.1dB.

In Japan, a land with very high amateur radio density and lot's of TVI situations, already a quarter million of these filters have been sold and used successfully. Connectors 2x PL.

For convenient connection to the transceiver, add to your order:

for the 2000W version a PL angle 90° with plugs (male) on both sides Order No. 42022.01;

for the 5000W version order a PL angle adaptor (M/F, Order No. 42022) and a dual PL connector (M/M, Order No. 42024)

Technical Data
Product Name CMF-2000
Brand Diamond
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Weight 650 g
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Connector A PL Socket
Connector B PL Socket
Size W x H x D 38 x 5 cm

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