CN-901HP SWR Meter

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Supply Scope

  • CN-901 SWR Meter
  • DC Power cable

The CN-901HP is a SWR meter for shortwave to VHF (2m). Due to the very large cross-pointer instrument a precise reading is possible very easily and quickly. At a glance you can read off both power, reflected power and SWR. This makes adjustment work on antennas or transmitters much easier.

The respective measuring range of 20, 200 or 2000W (HP3: 30, 300, 3000W) is selected by three push buttons. A fourth button switches between average and peak value measurement.

Unlike many other SWR meters, the Daiwa CN-901HP offers a real peak value measurement (PEP Hold). For this purpose the instrument must be supplied with 13.8V operating voltage. But you have to connect it anyway to enjoy the backlight...

The rubber armouring on the sides can be removed if there is no room for it, but it helps to protect the sensitive device against shocks.

Technical Data
Product Name CN-901HP SWR Meter
Impedance (Ω) 50
Size W x H x D 157 x 117 x 117x mm
Connector 2 x PL jack
Brand Daiwa

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