SPE Power Combiner for 2 amplifiers max. 5 kW

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Supply Scope

  • SPE Power Combiner
  • Replacement air filter
  • Power supply connector
  • DB-9M connector
  • DB-15M connector
  • PORT cable
  • CAT cable
  • 2 x COMBINER cables
  • 2 x SPLITTER cables
  • CD-ROM (user manual and software for remote operation)
    Warranty card
  • 1A fuse

The SPE Power Combiner is used for the simple interconnection of two power amplifiers to increase the power.

With the SPE CO1-HF Power Combiner, two power amplifiers are connected together and their power is added. This gives you flexibility and allows you to build up the station slowly and step by step.

Why not one large power amplifier?
Large power amplifiers with very high output are considerably more expensive, and then you always have this big lump standing around. With two smaller amplifiers and a combiner, you stay flexible:

* Build up the station step by step
* You don't always need 5 kW, often 1000W is enough.
* Flexibility, e.g. for Fleidday or Expedition, where you can only take a small PA with you.

With the CO1-HF combiner, the characteristics of the power amplifiers are retained. Towards the transceiver, the whole package remains unchanged as a power amp. All controls by CAT or 'Band-Data' signals etc. remain possible. As with the large SPE power amplifiers, a maximum of 6 antennas can be distributed over two transceivers.

All cables for interconnecting two SPE amplifiers and the combiner are included in the scope of delivery of the CO1-HF. This keeps the set-up clear and easy to complete in a few minutes. The maximum combined power must not exceed 5kW. If possible, two power amplifiers with similar power should always be combined. Power amplifiers from other manufacturers can also be combined, but then you have to construct the control cables etc. yourself.

Technical Data
Product Name CO1-HF
Suitable for Exp-1.3K, Exp-1.3K ATU, Exp-1.5K ATU, Exp-2.0K ATU
Brand SPE
Weight (Transport) [kg] 7.2
Weight 6 kg
Connector PL
Documentation Languages EN, IT
SPE Power Combiner for 2 amplifiers max. 5 kW
SPE Power Combiner for 2 amplifiers max. 5 kW

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €2,091.60

No longer available

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