Expert Electronics Colibri DDC SDR Rx

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Supply Scope

  • Colibri DDC SDR
  • 5V DC plug-in power supply
Colibri DDC SDR is a direct sampling HF receiver (direct down conversion, DDC) with a frequency range from 0 to 55 MHz. The AD converter has 14 bit word length, the sample rate is 125MS/s. This makes the Colibri SDR suitable for demanding shortwave listeners (SWL), radio amateurs and professional monitoring applications.

The receiver of the Colibri SDR offer a frequency range from 9 kHz to 55 MHz, which is sampled directly by the ADC. With the use of oversampling and additional (optional) anti-aliasing filters, the reception range can be extended up to 800 MHz, although with reduced parameters. The Colibri provides a 55MHz low pass filter at the input, followed by a switchable 20 dB attenuator. The high clock rate of 125 MHz is supplied by a temperature controlled oscillator. Optionally an external 10 MHz clock signal can be supplied when highest precision is required. The 14 bit AD converter is followed by a powerful FPGA chip, which handles the SDR typical data reduction, and sending the data over the Ethernet interface. Additionally an analog audio output is provided for convenient listening to received signals. The benefit of this output is that the signal is only minimally delayed. The analog output uses a 24 Bit DAC and is suitable for headphones.

A speciality of the Colibri DDC SDR is the Ethernet interface, which allows the receiver to be integrated into a local area network or to be connected directly to one computer. In contrast to other radiso whioch use USB connections, an Ethernet connection allows for much higher data rates and longer cable distances. Even remote operation over a LAN is possible. To provide a hassle-free and seamless integration into the network, the Colibri SDR offers automatic IP adressing by provinding a DHCP server, if required. With this function you can connect the SDR directly to one computer, without a network switch. Just connect the receiver to ypur computer and go! This is perfect for vacation use or portable operations. Of course the Colibri SDR also supports static IP addressing for fixed environments.

The supplied "ExpertSDR2" software offers the display of the entire spectrum up to 62.5MHz as a panorama view. Within the specturm tweo independent receivers can be places, both offering up to 312 kHz bandwidth. Both receive ranges are shown with spectrum and waterfall display. The software offers decoders for all usual modulations like LSB, USB, DSb, AM, S-AM, FM. WFM and CW. The IQ data can be supplied to external program decoders, as well as the demodulated audio data for decoder programs like FLdigi or similar (requires "virtual audio cable" (not supplied)).

A built in interface offers 7 freely programmably digital output ports (open collector). With these signals the sftware can for example select different antennas or filters, depending on frequency. This interface also provides a "mute" input, which allows the Colibri SDR to be integrated into a HF transmiter station. The ExpertSDR2 software requires Windows XP,WIn7 or Win8 (32 and 64 bit variants), a version for Ubuntu x64 is also available and a version for Mac OS is announced for later availability.

The Colbri SDR receiver has a 50 Ω SMA antenna input, the same connector as the (optional) external 10MHz clock source. An adaptor cable SMA to PL female is supplied. The required supply voltage is 5V DC, a wall plug power supply is included. The current consumption is approx. 700mA. The receiver case has a size of 64x24x112mm, the weight is 300g.

ColibriNANO, ColibriDDC, SunSDR2 QRP, SunSDR2 PRO and MB1+ATU in comparision

Technical Data
Product Name COLIBRI-SDR
Brand Expert Electronics
Weight 300 g
Frequency Range 10 kHz - 55 MHz
Size W x H x D 64 x 24 x 112 mm
Expert Electronics Colibri DDC SDR Rx
Expert Electronics Colibri DDC SDR Rx

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