6m GFK Mast Tactical Mini

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  • 6m GRP Mast Tactical Mini
  • Cloth bag

The 'Tactical Mini' is a mast made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GPR). Due to the very low weight and the small transport length this is a perfect mast to be taken everywhere.

The compact GRP mast has a maximum height of 6m, packed it is only 56cm long. So the mast fits in every backpack (it weighs only 700 grams), or in the luggage on board of a plane. The stable GRP rod is suitable to carry small, light dipoles or end-fed portable antennas. So this mast is perfect for hikes to activate SOTA summits, for the small antenna on vacation and experiments in the garden. GRP is non-conductive and can therefore be used without losses for antenna construction.

The mast has caps at both ends, at the lower end there is a solid foam insert. This foam serves to absorb shock from segments of the mast that may slide down, and prevents damage. To pack the mast even shorter, the caps can be omitted, which makes the mast 2cm shorter (approx. 54cm). All mast segments are hollow inside, a cloth bag is included.

Extended length: 6m
Transport length: 56cm
Number of sections: 13
Wall thickness: 1mm
Diameter bottom with cap: 42mm
Diameter bottom without cap: 39mm
Diameter top: 4mm
Colour: Olive green
Weight: 700 g

Technical Data
Product Name Compact Ultra Portable Mast 6m
Weight 750 g
Material Glass Fibre reinforced plastic
Brand Sotabeams
6m GFK Mast Tactical Mini
6m GFK Mast Tactical Mini

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