Up-to-date information regarding planned events and availability of products

Herxheim, March 17, 2020

The expanding spread of the new Corona virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) also affects WiMo and our customers in various ways. There are the following aspects to be taken into consideration: a) Our regular brick-and-mortar shop (cf. regulation by the lcoal government), b) which events are affected , c) how does this affect the delivery situation (incoming goods) and d) how does it affect our dispatch (outgoing goods). Here we inform you about these individual points.

Our shop is closed, no pickup possible

Following the regulations by the local government of Rhineland-Palatinate dated March 16, 2020, our retail shop is closed until further notice. Pick-up of goods in the shop is not possible! We would like to protect our customers and our staff from infections, so we reduce any social interaction here as well. We ask for your kind understanding. Our internet shop remains available, and we are happy to support your requests by phone or e-mail. Shipping of orders continues as usual.


Currently, three events are or were planned by WiMo: the Flexradio Roadshow, our Open House day in-house exhibition on May 9th and the Ham Radio exhibition in Friedrichshafen at the end of June.

  • FlexRado Roadshow: The roadshow will not take place in the planned time frame. We will put our plans on hold and will contact the clubs that have registered for the roadshow at a later date.
  • Unfortunately we have to cancel the open house exhibition due to the current situation. We are very sorry, we ask for your understanding.
  • Ham Radio 2020: Currently no information has been published by the fair, we are still planning to participate in the fair. We wait for the development and follow the organizer.

Delivery situation

We have many suppliers in affected areas: China, Italy, Spain etc. This could lead to supply bottlenecks for manufacturers from these regions in the future. At the moment, however, our warehouse is well filled in almost every respect, we are well prepared for the situation. You can see the current delivery situation on the WiMo website. The stock display is updated every 15 minutes for each item. If there are delays in long-term planned purchase contracts, we will of course inform the affected customers.

Shipping situation

All regions are supplied regularly, no limitations.