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Diamond CP-5HS II 5 Band Vertical 6/10/15/20/40m

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Top Features

  • 5 amateur radio bands
  • Height only 3.6 m
  • Radials with traps
  • Relatively low weight

Supply Scope

  • Diamond CP-5HS II Antenna
  • Radials
  • Mast clamp
  • Assembly instructions

You have little space for antennas, but want a rock-solid and well-functioning antenna for the most important shortwave bands? One that can also handle more than 100 W? Then the Diamond CP-5HS is just right for you!

The manufacturer Diamond offers several models in this series of vertical antennas. The CP-5HS is designed for five bands on shortwave: 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 m. Depending on the band, the antenna can handle between 200 and 500 watts of transmit power, more than sufficient for most current shortwave transceivers. The vertical radiator of the CP-5HS is only 360 cm high, the rigid radials are 180 cm long. Like the radiator itself, the radials are also constructed with traps, thus achieving good efficiency with a short length - ideal for confined spaces. The vertical radiator also uses hat capacities to electrically extend the antenna length. And if space is particularly tight, the radials of the vertical spotlight can also be arranged on one side only. This is very practical for side mounting on a garage or balcony.

Despite its relatively short length, the antenna works reliably and provides good radiation. Time and again, we receive reports from satisfied customers who achieve excellent results with this antenna family from the manufacturer Diamond. This is because - like any vertical antenna - the CP-5HS also radiates very flatly and is therefore well suited for long-distance traffic. And it can be set up independently from the ground, elevated on a mast, or on a container, a corner on the balcony or on the broomstick on holiday, the radials make it possible.

Like all Diamond antennas, the construction is very robust and also suitable for high wind speeds (up to 160 km/h!). The assembly instructions are included, the installation is uncomplicated, the adjustment can be done in a few steps. A VSWR of 1.5 or better is usually achieved (depending on the location). No tuner is required! The CP-5HS weighs only 3.3 kg, the mast diameter may be 30 to 62 mm. The stainless mounting material (clamps etc.) is of course included. The radiator is DC earthed and thus offers good protection against static charges and lightning discharges in the vicinity.

We have a customer report on this antenna by Gabor, HA3MGA in our blog. To the customer report!

Alternative models of this family:
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* Diamond CP-6SR 6 Band Vertical 6/10/15/20/40/80m R2 (WiMo article 11225.SR)
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Technical Data
Product Name CP-5HS II
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand Diamond
Supported Bands 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m
Impedance [Ohm] 50
Height 360
Weight 3.4 kg
Max. Power [W] 200 W
Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Vertical Omni
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 62
Connector SO-239
Documentation Languages EN
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 160
Diamond CP-5HS II 5 Band Vertical 6/10/15/20/40m
Diamond CP-5HS II 5 Band Vertical 6/10/15/20/40m

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