Diamond CP-610 Vertical antenna 10/6m

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Although vertical polarized antennas are not permitted in Germany, they are useful for band monitoring during the Es season. Or maybe in your country it is permitted to transmit on 6m with vertical polarisation... The antennas shown here are monoband antennas for 6m only. Diamond offers also multiband verticals for 2m/70cm and 6m (VX-1000, V-2000).
Technical Data
Product Name CP-610
Mono-/Multiband Dual band
Brand Diamond
Supported Bands 10m, 6m
Height 680
Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna VHF/UHF Omni
Gain 28 MHz [dBi] 3.4
Gain 50 MHz [dBi] 5.5

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