DCU-3X Digital Control Unit

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Top Features

Soft start of rotation
Soft braking
Six Direction memories
USB interface
RS232 interface

Supply Scope

  • DCU-3X
  • Power cable 1.8 metres
  • Operating instructions (EN)
  • Rotor plug

Technical description DCU-3X

The DCU-3X is an alternative, programmable control unit for the HyGain HAM IV and Tailtwister rotors. It replaces the traditional control unit with the analogue display. The large LC display shows the currently set direction, the planned direction as well as the opposite direction from the QSO partner to your own location. Due to the compatibility with the original control unit, the exchange is very easy, a suitable plug is included.

The DCU-3X control unit is intended for rotors with analogue direction information, i.e. those rotors with a potentiometer as sensor for the direction. The stop can be set for north or south direction, and any misdirection can easily be compensated for by calibration on the control unit. The DCU-3X supports slow, smooth starting and braking during rotation. A delay time can be set for braking, depending on the weight of the antenna. The time for triggering the brake is also adjustable.

The DCU-3X has two computer interfaces: USB and RS-232, the RS-232 signal is looped through and is thus still available for other tasks. The commands for controlling the rotor controller are documented, a large number of programs support these rotor models. The controller weighs approx. 2.8kg, the housing has the dimensions 216 × 109 × 228 mm. The power supply is 240 VAC.

Application description DCU-3X

The programmable rotor control unit DCU-3X is a nice upgrade for the existing antenna system. The direction is shown numerically on the large LC display along with other information. The operation can be done normally via keys for left and right rotation. Alternatively, you can select a direction and let the rotor move automatically in this direction. This way, you can quickly free your hands for other tasks at the radio station. In addition, 6 keys are available for freely programmable directions. This makes it easy to call up the preferred directions that are often used. This is a very useful function, especially in contests.

A very helpful feature of the DCU-3X are the computer connections. Whether it is a traditional RS-232 serial port or a more modern USB interface, the DCU-3X is easy to use with up-to-date software. The control commands are openly documented and many contest programs or log programs support these controllers. This makes the hectic contest business a little easier.

A special feature of the HyGain DCU-3 rotor controller is the smooth start-up and equally smooth braking of the motor. The motor is switched off a moment (adjustable) before the target position is reached, and the antenna then continues to rotate slowly due to the momentum. After reaching the target position, the brake is activated after an adjustable time. This protects the bearings of the rotor and the entire rotating system, and the antennas do not wobble as much as they would without this braking system.

Technical Data
Product Name DCU-3X
Brand Hy Gain
Weight 2.8 kg
Size W x H x D 216 x 108 x 229 mm
Hy Gain is a subsidiary of MFJ, USA. The company is well known for a wide antenna selection and antenna rotators.
DCU-3X Digital Control Unit
DCU-3X Digital Control Unit

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