DCW-2004 Bias tee 6m/2m/70cm

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Supply Scope

  • DCW-2004 Remote feed crossover
  • Connection housing
  • Mounting material
With electronic sequence control, which first switches off the preamplifier when switching to transmit and then switches on the PA with a defined delay. With remote power supply of the preamplifier via the coaxial cable: no additional 12V line required!

Transmit/receive switching of the crossover is done via the PTT line of the transceiver, the PA then receives the PTT from the crossover. Preamplifier and PA can be switched on or off separately from the crossover.

Built-in LEDs indicate the respective operating status. Connections: Antenna cable N, control cables Sub-D.
Technical Data
Product Name DCW-2004
Brand SSB Electronic

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